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Friday was one of those beautiful, sunny days, the valley is known for. Heinz & Irene hosted a get together at their place across the street from us. If the weather is nice you may expect to see RVer friends gathered together with a glass of wine or tea or something, discussing places to go or places they have been or the merits of different brands of RV or anything except "work". We met some new friends at this gathering. I will post a few pictures and try to introduce you to everyone. The wind picked up a bit before the evening ended and you may notice a few jackets on the happy campers.

Saturday morning was another great day with clear skies and warm temperatures. I tinkered with my new air compressor and it works great. Now we have the ability to air up tires, etc without going anywhere. For this morning,the only thing we aired up was bicycle tires, in preparation for a bike ride at Estero Llano Grande Bird Sanctuary. Heinz & Irene, Gilbert & Louise, along with Marilyn & I, loaded our bikes into our trucks and headed out. We had a wonderful time, stopping at the alligator pond to have lunch, watching the birds and the two alligators. I am very poor at remembering the names of the different birds but there was a "snake bird" (Our term) which swims under water, looking for fish, with only his long neck and head above the surface, giving him the appearance of a snake swimming. This bird then comes out of the water, sits on a tree branch with wings widespread to dry and shows off for us spectators.

All went very well on the bike ride until Marilyn's bike suffered a flat tire. I had an air pump attached to my bike (For extreme emergency only) and Gilbert, the resident mechanic, took over and managed to get enough air in the tire for us to ride back to the waiting trucks. Back at the RV we sat in the sunshine for awhile and then were forced to take a short nap. What a life! Perfect temperature, sunny skies and a nice gentle breeze blowing across the bed from windows open on both side of the bedroom, made it easy to doze off for a refreshing power nap.

Carl & Linda came over to join us for dinner at our place. We had Ed's Penne Pasta for the main course. It always seems to be a hit. After dinner we played "Mexican Train" dominoes, a game taught to us by our good friends, Rick & Sherry, in San Antonio.

Today we are driving to San Antonio to catch a plane to Missouri tomorrow morning. We will be with Jennifer for her surgery and recovery before returning to the valley.

I guess it is time to post some pictures for you, first of the "get together" and then the bike ride. Hope you enjoy this little peek at the daily life of "full-time" RVers.

Only one more thing...We may be out of touch for a few days, so if you don't see a new journal entry each day, it is because we have no internet access. Please stay with us though as we will return to our home on wheels as soon as we are confident that Jennifer will be OK.

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