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International Motorcycle Museum

Is this heaven?

1975 Honda Goldwing



Sweet Beemer

Old School Katana for all you Suzuki lovers out there...

Triumph Tiger Cub

Royal Enfield

Another Triumph. Eat your heart out, Rob!

For those Yamaha fans...


Love those Honda Supercubs. Did you know that they are the most...



This place is boring!


Picture this, we are making our way back along the Pacific HIghway on our way back to Sydney when a sign appears on the side of the road "National Motorcycle Museum, turn left." It didn't have to ask me twice. The turn was literally a few feet later so I slammed on the brakes and railed our campervan into a tight left corner with the tyres squealing, much to Mel's surprise.

Mel: Why did you do that?

Ben: Because there was a sign for the National Motorcycle Museum.

Mel: Seriously?

Ben: (with gusto) You got it, mate!

Mel: Sigh.

What are the chances? (and for some of you who might be thinking it, no, I did not plan this nor hear of this museum before)

Anyhow, the museum turned out to be fantastic with over 700 bikes ranging from the early 1900s to the 1990s. It was situated in the tiny little town of Nabiac, NSW. They had bikes I'd never even heard of before, bikes I drooled over, and I could have spent an entire week going over the collection.

Mel was very understanding and after having a first wander through the museum with me, she headed back to the campervan to enjoy reading her book while I took a closer look at some of the bikes. I'm not sure that I could pick a favorite out of the bunch but I'd love to take a ride on any one of them.

I'll let the pictures do the talking from here. Hope you enjoy them and catch you on the flip side!


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