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We spent a grand total of 12 hours in Belo Horizonte and saw nothing of the city apart from the bus station and our small hotel a few blocks away. However, I will always remember Belo Horizonte as the place that I learned the valuable lesson that you should never press a button on a digital camera unless you are absolutely certain as to the consequences. Unfortunately I did not learn this lesson until I had "formatted" (which apparently means "deleted") all our photographs of Emil's farm, Parati and the Pantanal. Whoops.

Therefore I must confess that the rather pretty images of Parati which you can see on our weblog are there as a result of Google Images and are not actually our own. However, I promise that we did take some similar photos and, in fact, ours were much better! Fortunately we should have some photos from the Pantanal on our other camera (fingers crossed).

Yours very humbly


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