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Crazy traffic in Bangalore

Lucy snoozing on our super a/c bus

Pondicherry. The streets do look a bit French if you take away...

European style church

Pondicherry beach

The beachfront reminds me a bit of Southsea

I though Phil might find the name of the street we stayed...

Fishing boats on Mamallapuram beach.

And again.

Standing in the Indian Ocean,

Not sure what this is but it looked cool!

You just can't escape the cows. Although these ones are a lot...

Lucy with her Tesco Value Kingfisher

This is supposed to be the best elephant sculpture in the whole...

The 5 Rathas which were buried under sand until the british discovered...


Light house. Bizarly far away from the sea.

Cave carvings

Posing like a Japenese tourist

More carvings

Cave Temple

Krishnas Butter Ball

More carvings

Indias waste disposal units. The poor cows get very ill from all...

The shore temple

Holy Cow!

Pretty clouds

Woman carring a bag of fruit.

Woman with child trying to sell jewely. A common sight around India.

These wrap around skirts are popular dress for the men in the...

More fantastic rock carvings

These flowers are painted outside all the houses


It's our last week in India now and we've headed to the East coast for some fresh fish and French influence.

There's nothing much of interest to report on our trip from Hampi only that this time it was my turn to be shat on by a bird as we waited for our connection in Bangalore. We should both be very lucky girls now.

Pondicherry was colonized by the French and although they relinquished control 50 years ago the restaurants are all still full of French people. Walking up and down the tree lined streets does remind me a bit of France if you ignore the smell of piss and all the Indian people sleeping on them. I'm not sure if I have mentioned before that in India you walk in the road on the opposite side of the parked cars to the pavement. This is because the pavements are used as a urinal by all Indian men and it's also where most of the homeless people seem to live.

We only spent a couple of days in Pondicherry enjoying the food and shopping before we moved on to Mamallapuram which is a lovely coastal village (which doesn't stink of piss!). There are loads of interesting rock carvings there and we would have had a lovely time if it wasn't for the constant hassel of men trying to photograph us. They really do run around like 14 yr old school boys!

Hope to hear from you all soon,


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