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The Carson City Flood

Within an hour of the storm blowing over, the parking lot was...

Another thing that continues to amaze us is our inability to purchase gasoline economically! No matter where we decide to buy it, we invariably find it 10 minutes later for 10-20 cents cheaper! We decided not to buy it in South Lake Tahoe due to its high tourist area appeal. We had plenty to get to our next destination, Carson City. We drove well into the city and everything seemed to be expensive. We decided to stay here, and started looking around for a place to stay. We did manage to find a great motel for $40, but also saw gas much cheaper! On 28 gallons, we could almost have paid for our $23.37 dinner - including wine! If this was the first time this has happened it would be one thing -- but, unfortunately, it is not.....

Carson City, the capital of Nevada, a pretty little city nestled in the "foothills" at over 5000' elevation. We both are a little under the weather, me from a cold, Phil from a sore shoulder suffered on the Pacific Crest Trail. We decide to just chill for a bit. We have had so little time to just stop and enjoy. Little time for reading - most of our reading is maps and guide books, getting ready for the next adventure, and, of course keeping the website updated. Our $40 motel has a nice pool and a large, decent room. Who knows how long we may be here...

A day of relaxing...aaahhhhhh! Well, not really relaxing, we decided to do some chores. We cleaned up the Van, ran some laundry, had the tires rotated and balanced, had the oil changed (and the 24,000 mile service work done), had the propane filled, had the refrigerator checked - it wasn't cooling right today - not a major problem - probably "pilot error" in leveling, and enjoyed the fun Nevada State Museum, with an old mine replica in the basement and the old Carson City Mint upstairs. You should see the machine they stamped millions of silver dollars on.

Our first great thunder and lightening storm this afternoon. The biggest raindrops I've ever seen, and they felt really cold against the 104 degree air. The Rolling White House is spending the night plugged in (hopefully) at the dealership. They got us in at the last minute, and weren't sure they could get everything done. Alas, we are carless tonight. We'll take a walk somewhere for dinner. Fortunately, we are very close to town and the dealership.We are actually enjoying the respite.

Well, the dealership did everything right, but once again, pilot error took over. I forgot to turn the refrigerator to "electric" and by morning everything was room temperature. Out with the milk, meat, sour cream, etc. Another lesson in the books.

Wow, what a difference $185 worth of work on the RWH (Rolling White House) makes! We had the transmission serviced, among other things, and the car engine shifted so much better today, you can't believe it. Frank said he had never done anything but change the oil -- the dealership thought that was a little scary, so they went over some major components for us. After crossing 325 miles of desert today on the "Loneliest Highway in America" (official designation), and transversing 3 passes over 7000', we are thankful we had the work done - who knows what may have lurked in those mountains and deserts. AAA might have been hard to reach.

The "Loneliest Highway in America is also the route of the Pony Express. There are several examples of Pony Express stops along the highway. You just can't imagine these young men whipping those horses to cover 30-35 miles between stops. They averaged about 10-15 MPH. The Pony Express only lasted 18 months (I had no idea), and was never profitable. It was promptly put out of business with the completion of the transcontinental telegraph line in 1861.

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