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Beautiful downtown Carmel beach, looking toward the US Open

The Pebble Beach signature hole - the 7t

The Tiger getting ready for his practice round

The bronze statue was specially done this year commerating the 100th US...

The Bagpiper at Spanish Bay

The condo we traded for is AWESOME! Not 1 block to "the" ocean, as we had thought, but 1 block to "Ocean" the main street in Carmel! We are actually about 8 short blocks from "the" ocean -- but spent several hours there today -- the weather was incredible! We are right in the thick of things. On Mission St. in a darling condo over top of shops. Definitely an "inner city" experience -- even in Carmel. We share the courtyard with a restaurant that is open for breakfast and lunch only -- the fan on the roof, right by our bedroom starts at 6:00AM! Maybe I'll finally get up early and get some writing done!

Carmel defines the words quaint, upscale, and unique! Not a McDonalds or Safeway in sight (YEA!) - every store is either locally owned or a very scaled down national chain -- and only the best "get in" here. Coach, Saks, Banana Republic, Robert Talbotts (the tie people - HQ just up the road - Phil made me include them) -- but they blend in just like all the other small shops.

Parking is very tight here - we have "landed" the van about 4 blocks from the condo -- and plan to leave it there til we leave! We've made 2 trips up there already today - think we may have completely unloaded the Van in to the Condo. We can walk about 1/2 mile to Pebble Beach Golf Course. Spent our first day here walking the town (and getting my glasses fixed - Phil sat on them in the Van in Trinadad (now we know why bringing an extra set of glasses was highly recommended!) - had to order a new piece - it will be here Thursday). We also spent a couple of hours at the beach just people watching. Of course Phil chatted with everyone -- and even managed to talked a couple of guys into driving us up the hill back to our condo! Will it never stop!

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