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The title this morning, describes how the day went yesterday. When we awoke, the fog was quite thick but, before we finished our coffee, the sun was peeking out and the fog was dissipating. By the time we left to buy some groceries, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was in the 70's. As we turned onto the frontage road, my cell phone rang. I looked for a place to pull over to talk, and was delighted to discover that the call was from my good friend, Beli, in Mumbai, India. He is leaving today for a trip to Hong Kong and Singapore, flying passengers from Mumbai in a Corporate jet. It is always nice to talk with my friends from another part of the world.

Marilyn and I tried to locate the Camping World store. We knew we had seen it but couldn't remember where it was located. (It is between McAllen and Mission on Hwy 83) We gave up, did our grocery shopping and headed back toward home. A loud noise alerted me to the fact that the car in front of us had thrown a rock from his wheels, which hit our windshield. We now have a small star shaped chip out of the lower right hand corner of the glass. Ben dropped by to visit just as we arrived back at the RV. He had the same thing happen to him about a week ago, so we will both get repairs at the same time.

Later, I rode my bike around the park and stopped to visit with Ben, who was walking his dog and had stopped to visit with Robert, another Mobile Suites owner. I parked my bike on Roberts concrete pad, and us three guys stood in the sun and talked about our RVs. I heard a crash and turned to discover that my bike had been blown over by the wind, and had fallen on one of Roberts solar powered lights, which line his site. I felt bad about the damage and thought I might buy a set of those for our RV site and trade one for the damaged light. Robert insisted that all was ok, and he wouldn't allow me to do anything.

Later, I sat in a lounge chair on our own concrete pad, with an iced tea drink and my book, figuring that I had done enough damage for the day, and needed to just sit quietly and stay out of trouble. Just as I was dozing off, Jack & Marge dropped by to visit. When they headed home, our next door neighbor, Gilbert, asked us to join them for cocktails. We had a nice time visiting with our good friends. Only Carl & Linda were missing from our regular group. We mainly talked about where to spend next winter, and what months we would leave home, etc. It looks like we will return to Texas for a few months, before going on to Arizona, visiting State and National parks in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, before returning to Missouri in the spring. Remember, we are talking about the winter of 2007/2008 so many things can change before that time. Anyway, we have a plan.

We talked to Jennifer last night. She was on her way home from work and was driving on very slick roads, with sleet falling steadily. I told her to hang up the phone and call us when she arrived home. She has a 30 minute drive on country roads to get home, but drove at 30 mph, so it took much longer. Marilyn and I were relieved when she called to let us know she was safe at home. We feel a bit guilty that our weather is so nice here and so bad back in Missouri.

Well, we need to get going. We need haircuts so that is on our schedule today. We have a couple of steaks to grill tonight, and other than that, our day is free to do as we please. Let's see what the day has in store......

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