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Nice place

Heidi does the cooking!

Rosario, the next largest city to Cordoba and our next stop on the way back to Buenos Aires. Similar to Cordoba, university town, tree-lined streets, but famous for its river beaches. Unfortunately we didn't get to experience as the weather wasn't so good. Seems like one of those places that you would need to invest some more time in to get the most out of it. Went for a run along the river and walked the streets, to find beautiful colonial style buildings.

Once our super quick visit was up, we took a taxi to the bus terminal. The taxi driver was pretty inquisitive about where we were heading and was trying to convince us to take his taxi from Rosario all the way to Buenos Aires (4 hours and over 300km). Only $150 USD. When we knew the bus ticket was less than $10 USD each. He also tried to take us via his store so he could sell us some wine.

Off to Buenos Aires Again!

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