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Do you remember experiencing one of those "perfect" days? A day filled with sunshine, perfect temperature, slight breeze, and the freedom to do whatever pleases you? Well, that is what we had yesterday. It was wonderful! I installed the new clothes line, the new sewer hose & "slinky" support, picked up our mail, took a shower, put on a clean, comfortable pair of jeans & a soft T-shirt, selected an iced tea from the fridge, & then sat outdoors in a lounge chair to finish the book I have been reading. I had a call from Sherry in San Antonio to talk about plans for us to get together here in the valley and also talk about our plans for the flight back home. I later placed a call to my friend, Ralph, in Wichita, to gloat about the perfect weather here in the valley. :)

Around 5 PM, Marilyn & I walked next door to the RV of our friends, Gilbert & Louise. They had prepared dinner for us and what an evening we had! First of all, Irene, from across the street had informed us that Louise was a WONDERFUL cook. If anything, that was an understatement! The dinner she prepared was fabulous! We began with escargot and a glass of white wine, then a wonderful salad, followed by the main course of pork loin stuffed with delicious dried tomatos, spinach, cheese, and other good things that I don't know about, accompanied by asparagus spears, and portabella mushrooms covered with mashed potatoes and all covered with an orange sauce. All accompanied by red wine. Wow! That was followed with a plate of cheese and slices of fresh bosc pears. I was stuffed and thought I couldn't hold another bite, but then Gilbert had prepared tirimisu for desert. Oh, My !! Was that ever delicious! Light and sweet! That has to be one of the finest meals I have ever had. It was great! The meal wasn't the only part of the evening which was outstanding, though. The conversation was easy and free flowing, punctuated with the warmth of laughter and even a tear or two. After coffee, the evening ended with hugs and a "Good Night", which truely was that! When we left, the wind was blowing hard and the temps had dropped. We quickly ran inside, closed our windows, and noticed that the temperature was still 68 inside. This morning, I turned on the fireplace to take the chill off, as the temp in the RV was down to 63 F. All comfy & cozy now, but I hear thunder outside and we are expecting rain and cool temps today.

I have mentioned that Heinz has been working over in Mexico, doing volunteer work to help renovate a school library. His wife, Irene, dropped by yesterday, and we downloaded some pictures. Heinz will come over today and select some pictures to post on this web site. So, later today, I will be preparing tomorrows journal entry, complete with pictures. For now, it is time to see what the day has in store.......

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