Baja or Bust 2007 travel blog

Breakfast on the Beach

Into more mountains, these are two lane roads!

Close calls

Just in case you forgot to fill up...

Cirro cactus or Boojum tree, only found in the Baja

dinner round the campfire

The sun goes down on our second day

Another 7 am start...This is vacation? We stopped about 8 for breakfast on the beach and sand dollar hunting. This was probaly to relax us for the upcoming drive. The roads here are 9.5 feet wide and have no shoulder. We are 8.5 feet wide. So there is no room for error. One of our fellow travelers lost a rear view mirror when an 18 wheeler came too close while passing.

We have to gas up when we can since you can go long stretches without seeing a station. There are some entrepreneurs selling gas on the road just in case. We pass through some pretty desert, strewn with boulders and make camp fot the night. We have Frito Pies (Fritos topped with chili) and S'mores for dinner. Then we sit around the camp fire and watch the sun set. No tv this far south, the satellite can't pick anything up. I read, Rich goes to bed real early.

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