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Yesterday was humid and cool in the morning. We returned from the store and went outdoors to relax and read our books. With the lounge chairs all set up, a cool drink, a good book, a bag of ginger snaps, the sun shining brightly, and temps in the 70's, we were all set for a wonderful, relaxing afternoon. I had just opened my book when Jack & Marge came over to sit and visit. OK, plans change. No problem. We visited with Jack & Marge for a couple of hours, then Ponch stopped by. We showed the neighbors our Pressure Pro tire pressure monitoring system. They are interested and think that Pressure Pro should put on a seminar at the Mobile Suites ralley in Branson, scheduled for the weekend of May 19th. By the time our company left, I had moved into the shade, but it was a bit too late. I was a little pink from the sun and decided not to grill anything, so we went indoors to have tuna helper for dinner. After all, tonight is the premier of the new "Survivor" season on TV.

We slept with the windows open again last night, and the temps only fell to about 70 degrees, so it was quite comfortable with only a sheet for a cover. This morning is totally quiet, warm and a bit humid. This day will become another "Git 'er done" day. We went to the huge flea market at Donna, TX, the other day. I figured to escape having spent only a couple of dollars. That was not to be as I found all sorts of things for the RV. I purchased a new outdoor rug for the patio, for $50. Then I found a clothes line which attaches to the roof ladder on the rear of the RV. It is aluminum, and folds flat when not in use. One of the things we have to adapt to is the lack of space to dry towels, etc. We have been hanging them on the shower door, but we like to keep things looking neat so the outside clothes line will come in handy. That was $37. Then I picked up a 10' sewer hose and a "slinky" sewer hose support. Total cost $59. Wow! I had no intention of spending that much money. I'll have to stay away from that place! :)

Today I will get all of the new things out and installed or placed where they belong. I also plan to get the air compressor running and make sure all the truck tires are inflated properly. Several friends want to borrow it to air up their tires also. Our neighbors, Gilbert & Louise, have invited us for dinner tonight. Gilbert is another guy who likes to cook, and he is fixing Italian food. He plans to have escargot for an appetizer and tirimisu for desert. That's all I know, except for the fact that my mouth is watering already.

Well, Marilyn is up and about so I'll sign off for now. This morning we can have our coffee outdoors, comfortably. I'll have some pictures to post tomorrow. Can't wait to see what is in store today......

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