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Rambutan -- One of the many new fruits we have encountered on...

Little Lebanon with a little Lebanese

Kuching by night

The zigzagging paths of a jungle in Borneo

A snail's point of view

Note the wet patch :)

Red Ants. Not the nicest ones.

Pitcher Plant #1

Pitcher Plant #2

Hundreds of black ants

Pitcher Plant #3

A small water source flowing deep into the jungle

An orang-Utan showing off...

I think I left off with our having arrived in Kuching, Sarawak, the Eastern province of Borneo. The city was quaint and catered to tourists, and we decided to take it easy and relax a little (riiight, I know, this is our vacation and we should be relaxing the whole time!) What I mean is we didn't leave the city right-away. We enjoyed several museums (probably the best being the Islamic one) and walked along the waterfront, when it wasn't raining. Our third day in the city had us adventuring to a national park named Bako NP, where we walked around in the jungle, taking picturess of the pitcher plants and enjoying the noise of the forest. Oh, and we sweated (cue picture of Yehia) : ) The next day we were convinced by some fellow travellers to go and see the nearby Chimp rehabilitation centre, which we did, but did not enjoy that much (too zoo-ish) though we realized it did serve a very useful purpose. That evening we caught a plane to Kuala Lumpur.

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