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Heinz washing his trailer

Our home in Texas

Tina & Pat at our place

Ponch, Ed & Ben

Jack & Marge

Snacks are ready at Carl & Linda's

Louise, Irene & Heinz

Carl & Linda

Gilbert & Louise

Ed relaxing

Yesterday was one of those wonderful, warm, summer-like days which we realize was exactly the reason we chose to spend the winter in Texas. Heinz & Irene, who live across the street, were up and out early. Heinz was washing his trailer by hand, enjoying the warm sunshine. Marilyn and I had things all clean so we went for a bicycle ride around the resort, and then took a walk around a similar route. We had intended to take a plastic bag and pick oranges but forgot it and simply decided to do it later. Carl & I talked with Heinz as we watched him work on his trailer, and then I walked over to the Mobile Suites where Ben & Tina live. I helped Ben get his surround sound system working, and returned home for a bite of lunch. That was when I learned that I had missed a phone call from my friend, Beli. He and I flew together from Paris to London, to Kano, Nigeria, on to Lusaka, Zambia, to Seychelles and across the Indian ocean to Mumbai, India. Beli is a great guy and one of our loyal readers. He is from Zadar, Croatia, but resides in Mumbai, India, while flying the Citation Sovereign all over that part of the world. His wife, Vesna, also is a loyal reader of our web site. I hated to miss his call but will send Beli an e-mail as soon as I finish my journal today.

As I was eating a sandwich, Gilbert & Heinz began measuring the axle distance on our trailer, to verify that we did not have a problem with the alignment, as suggested by two men in a pickup who followed us into the resort a month ago. We were finished with that job and sat in the warm sunshine reading for awhile. Then Jack & Marge dropped by to visit. We are thinking of staying in Arizona next winter, with Jack & Marge staying close by, so we talked about the Fiesta Grande Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. The sun was so hot that we moved to the shade under our awning. Then Ben & Tina, along with Ponch & Pat, dropped by, and it became in impromtu get together on our patio. We really enjoy this type of thing. Just having friends drop over to visit. No pressure, only fun and laughter. After some good sharing we had to inform our friends that we had another patio party to attend, so we broke up with hugs, etc, and began getting ready to go to Carl & Linda's patio for cocktails. This was attended by our usual group of Gilbert & Louise, Heinz & Irene, Carl & Linda and us. We had a truely great time with these friends, learning more about the lives of each couple. We learned what a great teacher Irene is, as she explained to us, all about frogs and worms. She is a special lady and I'll bet the kids in her biology class love her. The cocktail party broke up a little after six because Heinz & Irene, along with Gilbert & Louise, were scheduled to play cards at the Rec Hall. Tomorrow evening we are all going to the clubhouse at the golf course for karaoke night. Only the ladies in our group have talent so us guys will simply watch & listen. :)

So there you have it. In case you wonder what we do with our time, being retired, and as full-time RVers. If the lifestyle appeals to you, come on down. You would be welcome. I guess it is time to post some pictures and see what the day has in store.....

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