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Yesterday, I had the best of intentions and tried three times to post the pictures of our Rig after it had been cleaned & waxed. Finally, I got them posted this morning. There is a "wi-fi" service in the RV park, which we use. However, it gets quite busy during the day, and becomes very slow. It frequently causes my web site to time out before pictures are uploaded.

Jennifer called on her way to work this morning. She said their water was frozen this morning and she had to walk to her Mother-in-law's home to take a shower. I can remember mornings like that. No fun!

Here in the Rio Grande Valley, we have a temp of 50 degrees this morning. It will get into the mid 70's today and we have cocktails at 4:00 PM on Carl & Linda's patio, on the schedule.

I recently had an e-mail from a reader asking some very good questions. I may use those questions and my reply as the basis for another journal entry. This morning I can only suggest to anyone who wishes to consider becoming a full-time RVer, to consider "Just doing it". This is a wonderful lifestyle, with the freedom to do the things we all put off, due to working or having so much maintenance to do around the house, etc. We have all heard that it is the journey which is the joy, not the destination. Well, we all hope we know what the destination is, but it remains imperative that we take the time to enjoy the journey. The beautiful scenery, the wonderful friends, the laughter, the freedom to choose your climate (to some extent) and the ability to live in harmony with nature and the people around you; these are the things which come with this way of life. OK, I'll get off the soap box. I hope you all have a wonderful day. It is time to enjoy the morning coffee with my honey. Let's see what is around the bend.......

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