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The temp this morning was 54 degrees and it reached the low 70's before the clouds returned and the temp dropped back to the mid 60's. That meant that the park was filled with people walking or riding bicycles, washing their trucks and/or trailers, or taking a trip out to South Padre Island. Heinz was busy washing his truck when I got outside this morning, so I allowed the guilt to get to me, and the first thing you know, I was busy washing my truck. Marilyn came out and helped me get the windows cleaned inside and out. Then, the guys showed up to wash and wax the RV. Wow! It looks great now. I will post a couple of pictures showing our rig all cleaned up.

Carl stopped by and informed us that the cocktails will be on their patio at 4:00 PM tomorrow afternoon. Then Gilbert & Louise invited us to dinner at their place on Friday evening. It is surprising how many of the men like to cook now that they are retired. I am one of them, although I enjoyed cooking for a long time before retirement. Gilbert likes to make the Italian desert called Tirimisu. I really like that! They also like to prepare escargot, which we like, even if some people shudder at the thought of eating snails. Carl dropped by to loan us a DVD movie to watch tonight. Ben, a Mobile Suites owner from up the street, dropped by as I washed the truck and we discussed his sound system. I will drop by his place tomorrow to see if I can get his surround sound system working properly. This is just an example of what daily life is like as a full-timer. Very social, with everyone willing to help each other with any problem. The whole world could learn from this example. One thing that you should never be concerned about as a full-time RVer is your social life. RVers are some of the finest people in the world. We feel as if we have known Heinz & Irene, Gilbert & Louise, and Carl & Linda, for a very long time, and have become close friends. It is people like these who make this lifestyle so enjoyable and an absolutely wonderful way to live. We have wonderful friends all over the country and in many different parts of the world, and feel so blessed.

Well, I should post a few pictures and get busy. Can't wait to see what's waiting around the bend........

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