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I was up early yesterday, but Marilyn stayed in bed until she smelled the coffee. We had our coffee as we discussed the wonderful new friends we have made, and how much we will miss them if we go to Arizona, instead of returning here to the Rio Grande Valley. We discussed coming back here for a couple of months and then moving to Casa Grande, AZ, but finally decided that we simply need to talk our friends into going to Arizona with us. If we all make reservations at the same time, we can be in sites close together.

Carl came by and we talked for awhile, then I went with him for a quick trip to Wal-Mart and back. Marilyn and Marge were gone to the craft show by the time we returned. I worked with the TV in the living room and now have over 100 cable channels as well as 13 channels from the antenna. I also fixed the problem with the sound system, after speaking with Terry at the Mobile Suites factory. I was delighted by the design of the TV mounting system. They installed the flat screen LCD/HD TV with gas struts, so that the bottom pivots outward from the top, to make it easy to work with connections on the back, etc. Great design!

Marilyn fixed beef stew in the slow cooker, and we ate that as we watched the golf tourney from Dubai. Louise from next door stopped by to bring us a couple of her fresh-baked banana muffins. Yum, Yum! She and Gilbert then left to go to a movie over in Weslaco. Jack & Marge stopped by to ask us to go to Mass with them, and then out to eat. We declined because we had food all prepared here, and we need to eat out a bit less. Marilyn has chicken noodle soup cooking as I write this, and the delicious aroma makes my mouth water. Of course, this is Super Bowl Sunday, so you might be able to guess what we'll be doing this evening. By the way, the outside temp this morning was 54 degrees and for the next week, we are supposed to be in the 70's during the daytime, with sunshine. Wow! Everyone is ready for that. Well, my friends, it is time to get going. I had an e-mail from some readers of our blog, who are gathering information, getting ready to become full-time RVers. I may use my letter back to them for another journal entry if enough people are interested.

Hope you all have a wonderful relaxing day. Time to see what's in store for today.....

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