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Recoletta Cemetry

Cemetry 2

Eva Peron's plaque is shown here!

Paintings on the side of Buenos Aires Football Stadium

Stadium 2

La bocca buildings 1

La bocca buildings 2

Buenos Aries! What a city! Theres so mcu to see, so much to tell.

Where to start? Well, I could begin with our journey. A bit of background: the day before we left the UK, a friend of Sharon & myself asked what plans I had for our arrival in Brazil. I admitted that there was, as yet, no onward travel booked to Rio de Janiero where our first nights accomodation was planned. Our friend suggested that maybe I should book onward travel and that Sharon would be "catatonic" by the time we got there if I didn`t. Actually, it turned out not to be possible, and we did manage despite GOL airlines and thier AmEx only, no US dollars policy. Still, I did aknowledge the difference in our personalities in terms of Sharon liking to have plans confirmed, booked etc whereas I tend to tie nothing down until the last minute in case I change my mind!

Back to Argentina - on arriving at the Falls inn hostel, we paid for two nights accomodation agreeing that we would plan flights for weds pm, making enquiries about flight times accordingly. Argentine administration prevailed and two days later, on returning from our day out at the falls, still no information about flights; but our room had been booked so we had no option but to leave. The decision was fairly easy: shower, pack, taxi to airport and arrive at 5 pm to find that the last flight of the day was at 4.30 pm... but was delayed by 3 hours. Never did two travellers tuck into an airport meal so happily! Sharon, by the way, was at no point "catatonic".

And Buenos Aires - now you all know that I am a country girl at heart, preferring mountains and sea over cities and towns, but I love this place! BA is all about architecture - beautiful buildings in varying styles, wide streets and a feeling of light. I spent half a day doing a city tour, visiting La Bocca, the old colonial area of the city, now populated by artists in a similar way to Ste Theresa. Here, you can shop in the markets, buy paintings by local artists, sit in the street cafes watching tango performances and admire the brightly painted buildings. I would love to have returned for a meal and more music in the evening but my guide book warned that this was the roughest area of BA and that tourists should not visit alone, not leave the main tourist area and definitely not go at night. Its difficult to know how real these things are but it didn`t seem to be a good time to ignore two out of three of the warnings so a far more mundane evening ensued.

Sharon & I also took a (long & hot) walk down to the Recoletta district where we visited the cemetry, the main attraction for us to see the burial place for Eva Peron. Again, an amazing place, like a small village with streets of monuments. The rich and famous reside in larger spaces in death than many of the continents poorer do in life!

The down side of my few days in Buenos Aires is that my good friend and travelling companion had to return to the UK and I moved into a hostel that turned out to be a bit of a dump. As well as being not particularly clean, it was incredibly noisy. Anyone making `molesting noise`after 11pm would surely have gone un-noticed through the din of music (from the front desk amoung other places) shouting, and incessant traffic on the busy roads. It also lacked air-con so the itches returned in force at night when it remained warm and muggy. It was therefore, with a sense of relief that I booked out on Sunday morning adn returned to the domestic airport for my flight to San Carlos de Bariloche.

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