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Our Motorhome Dipping its Toes in the Water at Playa Santispac

Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege

Red Sky in Morning...

Beach Neccessario

Moon Over Playa Santispac

Mileage 15,917

We continue on down the coast to a beach just south of Mulegé (Mool-lay-HAY) on the Bhía Concepción. Heaven! We were going to stay two days and just couldn't leave so stayed three and wished for more. The town was a typical Mexican town with a active Mission (Misión Santa Rosalia de Mulegé, founded 1705 and completed 1766 - but, surprise, locked except during services) and a Museum (but, surprise, locked also even though it said "abierto"). Oh well... There was a beautiful palm tree lined river through the town that made the visit into the city worth it. The brother of one of our fellow travelers' lives here with his wife, who was born in Mulegé. He provided a bang up barbeque that included, amongst a plethora of other goodies, a grilled Reina Clam. The Reina Clam is a little bigger in size than a soft ball. He opened the clams and chopped up the meat with tomatoes, bacon, onions, and other secret stuff. He closed them back up and then baked them on the grill. Oh my ... were they good! All in all this was a very fun and beautiful spot where the local farmers and fisher people (I'm PC to a fault) would bring their fresh vegetables and sea food and sell it out of the back of their pickups. We hated to leave but we have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep.

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