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Eiffel's Iglesia Santa Barbara

Santa Rosalia Compania del Boleo Company Housing

Santa Rosalia Compania del Boleo Company Ore Engine

Santa Rosalia Harbor

Mileage 15,868

We spend a day in Santa Rosalía. A very pretty little 1880's town built as a French mining town (one of the Rothschild's - no less). They have a very interesting section of Victorian style French houses that were built with timber that was shipped down from British Columbia for the company white-collar staff; very odd looking in a Mexican town. They also decided they needed a church so they bought a pre-fab church exhibited at the 1889 Paris World's Fair. A steel construction by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel - yep the same Eiffel of Tower and Statue of Liberty renown. They packed it up and shipped it around Cape Horn on the southern tip of South America and then back up to coast and into the Sea of Cortes to Baja Sur.

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