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Nick the nutter!

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Dog playing on the beach...

...One legged bird! See, told ya!

Ultra affectionate, most scraggy cat I've ever seen - meow'ed like a...

..same, but the dog version!

Sorry - this is an essay, dont bother if you're even slightly busy!...

So, we get a flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani (Southern Thailand) and spend all day being shipped around waiting for the damn ferry to the Island of Ko Tao. Now when you say ferry you think, big metal thing with somewhere to park your car and a shop or two....?

NAH! This is a 30ft wooden thing with 2 decks each one about 1.5 meters high, i.e you cant stand up properly (Unless you're vertically challenged like a few people I know!). Anyway, Bottom deck is where all the luggage goes - Bags, crates of veg, little pets tied up to wooden posts, and slightly more upsetting, 5 pigs in little metal cages! Hmm, guess I know whats for brekkie when we get to Ko Tao then!

We set off from Surat Thani docks around 11pm after having an interesting chat with a guy called Nick, 41 from London. He had already had a skinful and was trying to tell us that he sold his house and left England cos he just wanted to travel (I was having none of it, he sounded well dodge) I just came out and said that it was pretty unusual to just sell up and piss off forever with no other motive than 'I just want to travel'. THEN it all came out, seems he left in a hurry after assaulting a policeman and being arrested for drink driving in the same week! Anyway, he came across well and totally unthreatening so we agreed to have a drink with him. (He was fairly persistent!) I had...wait for it..a 'bucket' of whisky and coke! Dont think the guy really understood what I wanted or didn't have glasses big enough to accomodate a bottle of pepsi and a shot of Whisky! (This pub was about 10 meters long by 5 wide and was basically his front room!) Ended up wth a childs size beach bucket thing full of evil whisky and coke, set me up for a good sleep, or so I thought...

The first hour of the trip seemed ok, although it gradually started getting hotter and hotter until I was just so uncomfortable - with 7 hours to go!! =(( Last 3 hours were a nightmare, got sea sick and couldn't sit up without feeling like a was gonna chuck.

FINALLY pulled into Ko Tao at 6:45 and made our way to our resort which was about 50 meters away (Raa, lifesaver!), had a cold shower - a hot shower isn't an option here! - and crashed with a thump!.......but then curiosity got the better of me and I was up after 10 minutes taking pictures of trees and chickens! (You know me!) =)

SO, just finished our first day of the PADI course (Just easy classroom work) and finished off with a Red Thai Curry which blew my head off! (Err and took loads of pics of dogs playing on the beach and a one legged bird!)

Tomorrow is diving course day 2 which is classroom am and swimming pool pm.


Speak soon


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