2006: North to Alaska! travel blog

Sea otter being a pig in Valdez small boat harbor.

Turnout on the road into Valdez.

The fireweed blossoms are getting close to the top.

Waterfront camping in Valdez at the Sea Otter RV Resort.

The campground after drying out for a couple of days.

Alaskan carwash.

This thing was about 15' tall. A good Landmark in Valdez.

Bridal Veil Falls in Keystone Canyon outside Valdez.

A more typical view out the window. Yep. Raining again.

One morning for no apparent reason, the big tugs went out and...

Real, live, glacier ice.

Old steamshovel being slowly eaten by the undergrowth.

Shorebird at the campground.

Sea otter checks us out.

We stayed right on the waterfront in the Sea Otter RV Resort. Saw a few drifting around a ways out in the water and then, when wandering around the small boat harbor, chanced on a lone otter chowing down on clams. Dive after dive, for about 45 minutes he performed for us.

Across the bay from us was the terminus of the Alaska Pipeline. No tankers in while we were there. We learned that the pipeline company was in the process of automating their operations, so the town was really going to take a big hit economically. So far, their school enrollment was down 40% and more expected to leave. So,if you're looking for real estate deals, Valdez will probably be a good bet in the next couple of years. However, don't expect to get rich on the flip.

We did have a couple of nice days, but also more rain. We got out and explored the local roads and canyons as far as the roads went.

Just before we left, in the midst of another rainstorm, we were out "sightseeing" when we saw the ultimate description of just how much it had rained this summer in Alaska: we saw a salmon roadkill on the highway. Unfortunately, because of traffic we couldn't stop and get a picture.

The highway in to Valdez has some spectacular scenery.

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