2006: North to Alaska! travel blog

Termination Dust.

Northern Lights RV Park. Adequate - even had wifi.

Now THAT is frost heaving!

Movie star glacier.

Northern Lights RV Park: Actually, a pretty good little park in the middle of nowhere.

The picture of snow on the mountains is what the Alaskans call "termination dust". Yep. Fits, doesn't it?

The highway right outside the RV park was one of the best examples of frost heaving we saw the entire time we were up north. Driving the roads of there is one long IQ test which is scored by the amount of damage you do to your rig. Go too fast? Bust your rig. Slow down and drive defensively? Don't bust your rig. You figure it out!

Ho-hum another glacier. This one was the background in the Robin Williams/Al Deniro movie "Insommnia". Its on the road from Glennallen to Stewart.

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