Dawn and Terry in the Jungles and Beaches of West Africa 2007 travel blog

Acuna Daddy - Excuse the spelling Our favorite Drill Monkey

Drill Monkeys!

Mom and baby Drill


The Canopy walkway in the Drill Ranch. Built by Canadians! Those guys...

It almost 700m long with 4 platforms.

A view down from a platform at the tree root structure. the...

The Drill Ranch also cares for chimps as needed - this is...


Small dinner party after doing our hard days community work clearing a...



The Drill Ranch is located in the Afi Mountains of Eastern Nigeria. This ranch is a natural jungle area for monkeys of all kinds but was originaly designed to protect the Drill monkey, an endangered species, although they also have Chimps that have been orphaned or taken from pochers etc. The ranch itself has many enclosures which are simply natural areas with electrified fencing around each area. It is a great place that many places in the world could example from. There are a full compliment of staff and vets looking after the entire ranch. The people are great at the ranch. In Limbe we met up with Joe a primate student at the ranch and her friend Zed. They hitched a ride up the mountain with us to the ranch and Joe became our host and Guide for the stay there. Part of Dragomans mandate is to help out community projects everywhere they travel to and this trip was no exception. We were charged with the final clearing for a new campsite at the ranch as they have outgrown the original and they felt it needed to be mover further away from the enclosures. After A few very hot days it was hard to muster up the energy for actual work but a few of us put in our time and got the site cleared for our next nights stay. I don't think many of us have worked so hard. Not that we havn't worked that hard but combined with the heat it was definatly on of the more challenging work days I have put in since I was a younger man.

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