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Ed's Tex-Mex cooking

Entrance to Basilica

Part of the Basilica grounds

Yesterday was Marilyn's birthday so I spent the day with her and didn't get anything written in the journal. This morning is a "catch up" day. On Saturday I told Marilyn that I wanted to fix some Tex-Mex food, so I prepared chicken, onions, and peppers with Fajita seasoning, and then sprinkled it with Italian salad dressing as it cooked. Once it was done,I put it on a tortilla covered with melted cheese and covered it with another cheese covered tortilla. It was quite good and I am allowed to cook it again. :) There is even a picture of the mixture cooking posted on today's entry. We made plans to attend 5:30 Mass at the Basilica where they have a mariachi band playing the music. We were nearly ready to go when there was a knock on the door. It was Gilbert & Louise informing us that they were having a "get together" next door at their patio, beginning in half an hour. We strolled next door at the appointed time but only stayed to visit with our friends for about 20 minutes, before we had to leave to drive to the Basilica.

That was awesome. The Basilica holds about 2000 people and it was "Standing Room Only". The Mass was beautiful, and when the music began, all I could say was "WOW"!

Marilyn took a few pictures and I will post a few today, but we really need to go back just to take some more pictures. It is a wonderful place.

Sunday morning, I awoke, looked at the clock, and told Marilyn I was getting up because it was nearly 6:30. As I began putting on some clothing,she looked at the clock and informed me that the time was only 5:20. I put my glasses on and confirmed that information. :) My Father-in-law used to tell me "Getting old isn't for sissies"!

I guess I can't even read the time correctly without my glasses. Sigh...

We may have to get one of those digital clocks which has great big numbers on it. :)

Anyway, we had coffee and decided to make an early morning visit to Wal-Mart. That is the time to go to Wally World. Very few people, short check out lines, etc. We returned to the RV, unloaded groceries and Marilyn prepared dinner to cook in the crock pot.

Bar-b-Que beef ribs. Mmmmm... Good.

Later, we drove to the new "Premium Outlet Mall" as I had promised. We arrived at 10:00 AM only to find the Mall closed. They don't open until 11:00. So, keeping my good humor, we strolled around the Mall looking in windows, etc, until the cold wind became a bit too much. We sat in the truck for about 15 minutes and then had lunch at Chili's, giving us a chance to use one of our Christmas gift cards. We went shopping after that but only found something for our daughter, Jennifer. I did buy some chocolate goodies for Marilyn but that was the extent of the shopping. Not too bad. :)

The remainder of the day was spent watching the Buick Open with Tiger winning his 7th consecutive PGA event. Jack & Marge, friends from down the street, dropped in for a visit and we talked about places they had been that we wish to visit, and we told them about Arizona, which is where they want to spend next winter. We had a nice visit with these good people, but it would have been nice if we were sitting outside on the patio, in the warm sunshine. It was too cool yesterday with the high temp only 60 degrees.

Today is another day. Temps are supposed to be around 65 degrees. Can't wait to see what this wonderful day will bring.....

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