The one that got away.

Approaching Mazatlan around 0630 Friday morning.

The sun is almost ready to rise.

This is the rock where the lighthouse is located. The finger of...

If you can't read Spanish, English is the second part of the...

The Baja Ferry entering the port of Mazatlan.

It is greeted by tugboats.

And pushed into its' slip at the dock.

Marcel and Bill resting after the long climb to the top of...

Looking north from the lighthouse.

The cathedral in the center of the historical district.

"The lighthouse." It is said to be the highest in the Americas.

Lee and Nancy on the trail to the lighthouse. But this time...

Jan. 24, 2007, Wednesday

Tuesday night, it looks like it's a go to leave for Mazatlán tomorrow morning. We set the alarm clock for 0600 hours and we're on our way by 0630. Our first destination is Bahia de los Muertos aka Bahia de los Sueños. The story, as I've heard it, goes like this... Centuries ago, there was a boatload of Chinese immigrants that arrived in La Paz. They were all sick with some kind of unknown disease. They were sent to Bahia de los Muertos where all of them died, hence the name Bahia de los Muertos. The local folks were not too enamored with the name and changed it recently to Bahia de los Sueños (Bay of Dreams). Now, where would you rather go, to the Bay of the Dead or the Bay of Dreams? We arrived at Bahia de los Muertos/Sueños around 1430 hours. We anchored and spent the night at Bahia de los Sueños and arose at 0330 hours the next morning.

Jan. 25, 2007, Thursday

We were motoring out into the Sea of Cortez by 0400. We had very little wind until daybreak and then it was only around 5 knots. We raised the mainsail and continued on with our 30-hour (estimated) crossing. Of course, Marcel and I were dragging fishing lures behind us the whole way and at 1030 hours I hooked up with a 2 foot dorado. I got it on board and was going to fillet it for dinner when the boat was pushed sideways by a wave, I went to my knees and the jolt of hitting the deck knocked the fish out of my hand and back into the water. The sad thing is that I had already killed the fish so it could not swim back to join its' school. Dave, on the Main Squeeze, also hooked a large dorado but it managed to shake itself off the hook.

Jan. 26, 2007, Friday

We know we're getting close to Mazatlán. We can see lights, other boats and silhouettes of islands. Also, my cellular phone beeped and let me know that I had some messages. One was from Kay Koetter. She is the wife of my roommate from when I was stationed in Okinawa. She informed me that our other buddy, Jimmy Bullard had passed away. I called and got them on their cell phone as they were leaving Kokomo, IN for Mullins, SC to attend services for our buddy. I felt bad because I knew that I would not be able to attend from Mexico.

Sunrise gave us some spectacular colors on the horizon. The marina area is so new that it is not on my chart plotter chip. I had a pretty good idea where it was and added to my chart plotter. It was difficult to spot with the sun shining directly into our eyes in the early morning hours. Marcel finally spotted the red and green pylons marking the harbor entrance. It is a very narrow harbor entrance, only about 50 to 60 feet wide. It is also very shallow too. They are dredging it six days a week. We got in, found the marina and got our slips. Then we all went to breakfast.

After a shower and a nap, Marcel and I decided to take the bus into town. Mazatlán is much larger than La Paz. It is also better maintained than La Paz. We walked the city for a little bit and then headed back to the marina.

Jan. 27, 2007

Marcel and I went into town with Lee and Nancy. We took the bus to the base of the hill where the tallest lighthouse in the Americas is located. The hike to the lighthouse is up a poorly maintained dirt path and then newly poured concrete steps. The total climb takes you up 550 feet. I was surprised that I was able to make it with these knees. We had a great view from up there. Afterwards we went to the historic district and had lunch. We walked around for several hours and then met Steve, Windy, Dave and Donna for dinner. Marcel and I went to a classical guitar performance that was simply magnificent. We finally ended up back at the boat around 2100 hours.

Jan. 28, 2007

We went for a dingy ride into the "estuary" that the marina was cut from. The estuary is gone and has been replaced with million dollar houses. I couldn't believe the size of some of the dwellings. We're probably going to head into town tonight to see what kind of trouble we can find.

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