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So, today was our last day in England. Again, we went our seperate ways and Catherine continued to shop. I took a bus tour to Bath/ Stonehenge. I had to listen to this annoying Australian couple (probably around 18 years old?) make out behind me. It was awful. But, soon we arrived at Stonehenge, which was PHENOMENAL. It was freezing cold and the wind was ungodly. I got some pretty incredible pictures. I kept getting interrupted by a Chinese couple who wanted their picture taken every 10 seconds. The girl was beautiful and the guy looked as though he was showing her off by conducting an impromptu photo shoot around Stonehenge. We then departed for Bath. I can't honestly say I've been to a prettier place. The countryside was so... elegant. The rolling hills and quaint farms were breathtaking. We stopped in bath and visited Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths. The Romans, when they conquered Britain, found a hot spring in Bath. They created "holy baths" and would have pretty much a SPA with slaves giving them hot stone massages. People later discovered a temple to Minerva (Roman equivalent of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom) and actual altars. It was so interesting! I then had lunch and explored Bath. I stopped at the Jane Austen Centre under strict orders from my mother. We hopped back on the bus and returned home around 6 p.m. I went home, packed and watched television with the Seaborns. I think I particularly liked British television, especially the sports, because everything is so... deliberate over there. I can't explain it, but it was perfect.

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