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On the way to Texas

Near Monroe City, MO

On the farm before we left

It was another cool, wet morning today. That is just fine. It gives me a chance to write in this journal about some of the things we have learned during the first 4 months of living the full-time RV life style. Marilyn and I talked about this subject during the trip back to Texas, from Missouri.

1. Being retired is more fun than we thought it would be. We were afraid we might become bored and have too much idle time. Ha! We are busier than we ever imagined. In fact, it is difficult to find time to do all of the things we want to do each day.

2. I don't miss my work at all. Having been a professional pilot for 34 years, I thought I might miss flying and being around other jet pilots, talking aviation, etc. NO WAY!

I haven't missed the job at all. I don't miss flying and rarely even mention my profession to anyone unless it comes up in conversation. It is sort of a "been there, done that, bought the T-shirt" kind of feeling. Although I have been given the opportunity to go back part-time, I have no intention of doing so.

3. Living in a small space. That is no problem at all. We are closer together and it is great. We do things as a couple all the time now. Our relationship is super good and we enjoy our time together. One thing we do is to give each other our own space. We have real discussions, read books, work puzzles, play games, watch some TV, take walks, cook together, and in general, simply share our lives. Basically, we're having fun.

4. Can we live on a fixed income? That concerned us a lot. The reality is that, so far, we haven't touched one cent of our savings. We live on a modest income and by saving one month, we can spend more or do more things, the next month. So far this hasn't been a problem. For those who may wonder, we are living on slightly less than $36,000 per year.

5. Setting up the trailer and getting it ready to travel will be a problem. This was also a concern for us, but the truth is that we have adapted better than we anticipated. Each of us has their own duties which we have agreed on, basically on our own. I cannot say that travel days are totally worry free. We always do that "One last walk around" to make sure things are ok, and that we haven't forgotten anything. There is that thought in the back of my head each time we pull away "I hope I hooked everything up right". I always test and adjust the brakes first thing. Then we constantly watch in the mirrors, etc, and above all, drive defensively. We are getting better and have actually started listening to music as we go down the highway, but I admit that we still have some apprehension on moving day.

6. We have been amazed at the friendliness of our fellow RVers. They have been wonderful. Helpful beyond our expectations. We are always being invited to go places or join people for a meal, etc. It is wonderful! Our fellow RVers are among the finest people we have ever met, and we have met absolutely wonderful people along the pathway of our life.

7. We wondered if our enthusiasm for living the dream of being full timers would diminish as time goes on. Absolutely not! In fact, the dream is even more alive now that we are living it. It is a wonderful way to live. We are planning where to go and what to see, after leaving here. That is what keeps the dream so real. There is always more to the dream. It is like reading a fascinating book where you can hardly wait to turn the page so that you can discover what is going to happen next. We are living that book of life and can hardly wait to turn the page, but we are enjoying most of all, just living today. I have decided to post a couple of pictures taken on our trip from Missouri, just a few days ago. The weather here hasn't been very nice lately but just look at what we drove through to get here. :)

Well, that covers some of the things we think about. We sure hope we can encourage some of you readers who wonder what it might be like, to take the risk, LIVE your dream, whatever it may be.

Time to relax. Let's see what tomorrow brings.....

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