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Hope Town from the top of the lighthouse

Anchored on the Sea of Abaco by Elbow Cay

Our view of the sea

Hope Town's colourful streets

Piles of old conch shells

The Atlantic Ocean side of Elbow Cay

Another busy highway

Elbow Cay Lighthouse

A view of Diamond Lil from the lighthouse



Going UP!

Crawfish on the BBQ

After moving to a mooring ball in the harbour

Of all the beautiful cays surrounding the gorgeous Sea of Abaco I think our favourite is Elbow Cay where the picturesque little village of Hope Town is found. The landmark Elbow Cay Lighthouse is visible from miles away on the sea and claims to be the most photographed lighthouse in the Bahamas. It isn't difficult to see why. It provides a colourful backdrop to the charming town and the peaceful bay filled with boats on mooring balls.

The bay is protected from winds on all sides which is why we have moved from where we were anchored for the past 2 days out on the Sea of Abaco just outside the harbour to this snug little weather hole. The weather is on it's way. Typically the day before the cold front arrives is lovely and calm and today was no exception. We ventured out to the reefs by the cut to the ocean and were just begining to enjoy some amazing snorkelling when the rain came.

As the sun sets we are surrounded by the sounds of conch horns blowing. We returned from shore with some Wahoo from the local fish store, a bag of fresh coconut, a loaf of homemade bread that we bought hot out of the oven (literally) and a loaf of banana bread and a fresh block of ice for the cooler. Life is good!

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