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view from the place I stayed in Tofo


The nearest grass hut is my bedroom

From Fatimas hostel by night


Dive instructor and group

From Dinos beach bar where I worked

Dean...work mate

Hey sorry its taken a while to update and still cant upload my photos in less than about 5 hours but they will come dont you worry!!! I cant leave Paula hanging in her lunch break so I thought id better write!

So I ended up getting a job on the 26th of December in Tofo in a bar called Dinos which was right on the beach, it was the most gorgeous location, but then the crowds came!!! It was so hectic there over xmas and new years, we worked our asses off, never really got to bed before 6 or 7 in the morning then I only got an hour or two sleep because it was so damn hot in that place!!! Plus throw in and cyclone warning on new years eve and general loss of all electricity for most the night and rain coming through the roof and I can definately say it was an experience. It was cool though, we had fireworks on the beach and I knew loads of people in Tofo by the time I left, plus I managed to get free surf board rental as I made friends with asurf instructor so life was a ball!

On my last week in Tofo I quit the job and put the (very little) money I earnt towards a dive course and completed my open water course which was excellent, then on my birthday I treated myself to an adventure dive and a deep dive which was absolutely breath taking! We went to manta reef and saw chevron manta rays which were about 5-6 metres and came so close!! They have little cleaning stations where the manta rays get cleaned a bit like a car wash so it was such a good birthday present to witness this. Then I finished the afternoon with a few beers at Steves caravan (yes a caravan beach bar, my main haunt whilst in Tofo!) and a tipsy game of frisbee, then being the lucky lady I am got taken to dinner with 6 guys at Bamboozi, then we all continued to go out and get plastered and had a merry 'jol'!

Will finish another time my time is almost up!!! Sorry Paula....

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