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Giant tingle tree

tree top walk

tree top walk

Valley of giants

Albany blowhole walk

campground albany

Walking in the air is possible...

Today we re-entered the Tall Timber Country to take a treetop walk and to see giant tingle and karri trees before ending the day in Albany where the rough ocean offers great views breaking into phantastic rock formations.

After leaving 15 permant resident town Windy Harbour our first stop of the day was Walpole which didn't have to offer a lot but we believe the village has more shops than residents. Getting back into the huge karri forest we stopped at the Giant Red Tingle Tree, that was discovered in 1952 during a fire. We could have easily driven Old Bob though the split roots and it takes 24 people holding hands to embrace the tree. Plenty of this area has clearly visible been on fire. We learned that fires are often started on purpose to clean the forest, to foster reforestation and to protect from large fires.

We arrived at the Valley Of The Giants a little later. Here you can do 600m long and 40m high walk on suspension bridges through the top of the forest; a little engineering masterpiece! However it was rather the feeling of the height paired with the wobbly bridge than the views that gave an amazing feeling. This time it was Maribel who wet her paints. Back on the ground it is possible to walk through the actual valley of the giants where every five metres another giant tree causes the famous wow effect.

Driving in Australia means getting through long distances and driving itself becomes part of seightseeing and pleasure rather than duty. Hence it was a bit confusing to suddenly stop in front of a sign stating only 17 km to Denmark and 68 km to Albany.

Around Albany the Frenchman Bay Road leads to the Gap, the Natural Bridge and Blowholes. The Natural Bridge and Gap are rock formations carved by the harsh waves. A few years ago Australia and the Antarctica used to be one continent. Today Australia is still moving five cm away every year but cliffs matching Australia's coastline can still be found in the Antarctica. This effect will cause the Natural Bridge to collapse one day. The Blowholes are wholes in the cliffs where the incoming waves below these cliffs splash water through the wholes creating Geyser like appearance. Unfortunately a windy day and giant waves are condition for the blowholes to actually blow. We looked at a beautiful blue and calm ocean making the geysers only work once...

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