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Entrance to the National Scouting Museum with my Scouts

EV posing like the painting.

View the world's largest collection of original Norman Rockwell Scouting artwork

At the entrance to the 'Scout Reservation Trail'

Getting ready to race the Pinewood Derby Cars on the track.

We raced ALL the cars they had to find the 2 fastest....

And they're off!

EV took in a little target practice. I think the gun was...

JR shooting the target on the log. Great shootin'!

Storytime around the "campfire".

Another storytime.

This is the greatest invention! To make the video game work, you...

Gotta get me one of these things!

Check off First Aid!

Every Boy a Scout... Lone Scout

Lone Scout and Juliette

Knot tying is awesome!

Knot's to you too!

They loved this eagle!

Outside the Scouting Museum

EV outside the Scouting Museum... a picture to cherish!

JR outside the Scouting Museum... one day we will come back for...

Today we visited the National Scouting Museum! What a great time!


They have the world's largest collection of original Norman Rockwell Scouting artwork, as well as works by Joseph Csatari, Remington Schuyler, and others. The diorama includes a display examining Rockwell's creative process.

Both children are scouts. This is EV's first year as a Cub Scout. Since we are on the road, he is considered a "Lone Scout". This entitles him to all the benefits of regular scouts, and allows him to 'visit' any other local Pack or Den wherever we may be. He is also able to go to any of the camps that are offered at any of the locations. You don't have to be a Lone Scout to do this. JR is in the last year of Brownies and is a "Juliette" Scout. It is the same concept as Cub Scouts. For more information, check out the following websites, but there are a LOT of Lone Scouts and Juliettes:



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