Yucatan 2007 travel blog

New West coast dry scenery

Susan and an ox

Susan riding the ox cart

The two Hitchhikers on the caravan

Susan and I getting dedicated

Throwing rose petals and confetti

Dancing and getty ready to break clay pots at our feet

After they broke them

We drove from under the bridge to Tehunatepec. We left the East coast of Mexico and drove all the way to the West coast of Mexico. Tehunatepec is as far south as we will be going on this trip. It is pretty far south which you can tell by us being able to drive coast to coast in one day. Travel today was pretty rough and we took a wrong turn and we ended up paying a $200 peso toll to go the wrong way. We lost nearly an hour because once we were going the wrong way we went a long way before we could make a retorno (uturn). The road was dangerous because there was a 2 foot drop off on the right side of the narrow road. If I got the trailer over an extra foot we would have rolled the whole thing. Once we got to the trailer park (dry camping only, no hookups), we all just rested and got ready for dinner. We had a really nice dinner and at the dinner there was entertainment, I didn't understand the meaning of most of it, it was sort of like a comming out party for women and a rededication for married people. Susan and I got conned into being the couple that was getting rededicated. I will let Susan tell you all about it. My take was they voted who was going to be the boss, people cast a vote by giving either Susan or myself money. The counted the money and within seconds of looling and before I could ask for recount, Susan was declared the boss for life. Then everybody threw rose petals and confetti on us, then danced around us and then broke clay pots at our feet. They they all cheered and as long as they cheered we were kissing, and when they stopped it was over. Some of the pictures turned out. No picture of the big kiss at the end.

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