Yucatan 2007 travel blog

Arrival in Uxmal

Our campsite


Swimming pool

Start of light show

We left Campeche and drove drove to Uxmal. At Uxmal there is no campground so we camped in the parking lot of the Uxmal Ruins. The place was really beautiful, it had a nice hotel and 3 swimming pools. So after lunch we went into the pool for a refreshing dip. The temerature was in the 90's and the water temp was about 70. Of course, the humidity never drops below 80%. That evening it was pretty hot in the trailer because we had no power for a fan and I didn't want to run the propane down using the generator. Basically it was 85 degrees at night in the trailer. That evening we went into the ruins for their light show. It is a naration of the Mayans worshipping their rain god Chaan. The light show lights up different parts of the ruins while the Mayans chant to the god chaan. When they started the chanting we felt a few drops of rain, and as the chanting continued it started to rain harder and harder, until finnally Susan and I ran for the cover or our trailer. Those Myans sure know their rain making. Our pictures of the light show didn't work out due to how dark it was and the rain.

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