Yucatan 2007 travel blog

Accident on way to Campeche

Mending Nets in the Middle of the Road

Fishing Boats

Margarita Party

Sunset on Campeche

We had another 8 am departure. This time we found that our batteries were depleted and we couldn't bring in the slides or retract the Big Foot Levelers or even start the generator. So I broke out the battery charger and charged the batteries. After 30 minutes I started the generator and we were then able to bring in the slides and bring up the Big Foot Levelers. I had five minutes to spare and we joined the caravan. Another trailer discovered they had a flat tire. The caravan now has had 5 flat tires. The weather is now excellent being about 80 in the day and 75 at night. The skies are partly cloudy. We had to drive right by an accident where two 18 wheeler wrecked and ran off the road. After two days they still didn't have everything pulled out of the jungle. All our jungle pictures didn't turn out today because we didn't have the camer on a motion setting. We went through one village which was absolutely a madhouse. People were everywhere, some men were working on mending their nets in the center median. There was music playing so loud you couldn't think and they had trucks running around with loadspeakers going. We crawled through town at 5 mph. We arrived at Campeche at around noon. The campground here is reputed to be the second best RV campground in all of Mexico. We got a nice site, but the power was 139 volts so we couldn't use it again, but we have water and sewer. I am using thier 139 volts and my battery charger to keep the trailer batteries charged and we have another line in the trailer for the blender and coffee maker. In the afternoon we had a get together with margaritas. We talked until dinner time. We had tacos at our rig....... we are getting low on supplies. Then at 7 pm we went into the resort building and some of us playes dominoes until we couldn't keep our eyes open. We slept with just a sheet and we put the electric cord on a fan to move the air in the bedroom. Be sure to look at the pictures and see the picture of the sunsett.

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