Yucatan 2007 travel blog

Mudhole for camping at Villahermosa

Public Transportation

Swollen River - See vegetation floating downstream

Living Conditions

Mexican Dump

Flooded like this everywhere


Middle Class Houses

Stormy Waters

Sunset at Isla Aguada

We started out this morning by finding we had a flat tire on the trailer. (Me and my bad back). We got the tire changed before the caravan left. We went through a lot of small villages. All the children came out to wave because they expected us to throw them candy. The company we are traveling with doens't want us to do this to avoid any accident with a kid. We past through a military check point were some of us were checked for documents. Then we past through an agricultural check point. Of course we hid everything so they didn't take anything. The weather was warm, about 78 but it still rained a little. When we got to Isla Aguada I had some difficulty parking the trailer because we were on the beach and the site I tried to get into had loose sand. After parking we unwound on the beach with a fire, marshmellows and conversation. We ended up eating dinner at 9:30 pm.

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