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We left the park and although disappointed the we didnt make the left part of the W...we found out that if we had stayed we wouldn`t be able to do it..the river was flooded to get to the it was on south toward Ushuaia...another 14 hour day on the road..again much of this on pot-holed gravel roads...we came to the Strait of Magellan and had to take a ferry across to Terra del took an hour..then on to the border crosings..from Chile to Argentina..both countries don't like each ot was slow and painful getting through..over 2 hours...but now we were on Terra del Fuego...well Dorothy it was a lot like Kansas...grassy rolling hills and then flad as a board including gas and oil exception..the Atlantic was on our left as we continued south...we ended our day in Rio a campground right on the water..10pm and cold..we didnt look forward to pitching our tents...a miracle happened..Kim our driver made a deal with the campground guy...the campground was located at a sort of yacht club except it was a sea going kayak club...we got to stay in an upstairs sort of gym...all 22 of us in this one room..we just spread out our sleeping pads laid out the sleeping bags and were ready to go..meanwhile Kim ordered pizzas so it was no cooking tonite!!!

The National Park was gorgeous spectacular views. Ginny You will never believe how handy your parka has been. More details later, but it was even stolen for a few hours from a bathroom, but

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