Rob and Sam's endless summer 2006-2007 travel blog

After another morning of rubbish internet connections, we gave up on updating the site for a while.

We were picked up and taken to Khao Lak for our diving adventure in the Similans. Once on the boat we had a detailed briefing and were shown our cabins before dinner and bed.

Little did we know the horror that was about to follow. Leaving port at about 11.30 pm we had a 3-4 hour trip to where we would make our first dive the next day. Man alive. It was SO rough. Despite being given a sea sickness tablet the minute I stepped on the boat I (Sam) alternated between cowering with terror as the boat lurched around, to pinballing down the corridor to the bathroom to throw up. Close to tears, all I could think was that I was trapped on the boat for the next 4 days! Thankfully as soon as we moored up for the rest of the night, I managed a couple of hours sleep. Raring to go for the 6.30am wake up call!!

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