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So the guesthouse owner took me in his boat to the mainland where I got in a jumbo for the 3 hour drive to the boat landing where I had to cross the Mekong again to get to the town of Champasak where there are some Khmer ruins which have links to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I squished in next to a few other tourists, many locals, several bags of rice and boxes of all descriptions. Then just before we left what was landed next to my feet only a chicken it's feet tied together.... good at least it can't move. At the other end of the jumbo was another man with a live chicken legs tied again, good news for me, as long as the legs are tied they won't come near me. The ride was bumpy but otherwise uneventful and the chickens didn't come near me. At the boat landing me and 3 other tourists got a ferry (it was more like a gigantic raft that could carry vehicles and animals) to Champasak on the other side of the river. There was a bubbly guesthouse manager on the dock and we took him up on his offer to pay for a tuk-tuk into town if we stayed at his guesthouse. We ate lunch together and then hired bicycles for the 10km ride to the ruins. Of course back in the saddle again but I am now an expert at pretending that I can't even see the chickens but today it wasn't a chicken but a pig that almost had me do a cartwheel over the front of the bike. Did I curse the fecker, he had crossed the road and just as I was passing by he decided to double back, I braked and just made it around him. I'll be rallyracing bicycles by the time I get out of this country. There was nothing spectacular about the ruins and the other tourists had come up from Cambodia so after having seen Angkor Wat didn't have much to say either. We made our way back to the guesthouse, no incidents on the bicycles but all the children and some of the adults too shouting "Saibadee, Saibadee" Hello, Hello in Lao to us, they deifinitely don't get too many tourists around here.

Tomorrow I'm making my way back t Pakse and our bubbly guesthouse manager said he'd flag down the bus going to the ferry for me in the morning. Of course the bus here is really the jumbos I've been taking. I'm already hoping there'll be no chickens.

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