Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Well there's good news and bad news. Good news first:

Well flight was kinda ok, spent yonks playing with the technology available on the armrest. There's a remote thingy that you can access movies and games etc from so we played crazy golf, draughts and then got on to the serious stuff like space invaders and 10 pin bowling. Then watched Dodgeball, I-robot, then half of I-robot again then slept then made the worst move ever - got up to stretch my legs and BAM Straight into the path of a Thai Steward - OOPS! Needless to say, spent the next Hr and 45 mins getting told i looked 'nice' but the continual playful punch to the stomach gave Steve plenty of ammo for a right ribbing!

So anyway we arrived safely in Bangkok and made it through customs and past a particularly evil looking customs officer! Guess she knew she couldn't have me! ;o) Got to the hostel which is about 2-3 miles from the centre region of Bangkok. Went out first night, got pissed and wandered around a festival on the river and felt like the ONLY westerner in the land (got some cool pics). Had a ride in a Tuk Tuk ridden by a maniac that frequently popped wheelies and cackled to himself!! Raa, nutter! (Also got pics of that too)

Today went a little less according to plan, i.e the bad news:

Got up at TWO PM! Oops, put it down to the lack of sleep on the flight but was really pee'd off (Mums reading this!). So, made our way into the town again and wandered down loads of really tiny alleys where there were LOADS of Thai stalls selling all kinds of weird looking things like whole roasted ducks, fish, veg, nuts etc and Roasted pigs faces?! (Got some weird pics) We turned into a little side shoot and came face to face with a little temple thing in a dead end with a group of Thai blokes playing 'Keepy Uppy' with a little cane ball. I thought we should turn back but to my amazement they stopped and beckoned us over and we JOINED IN! COOOOL, playing Keepy uppy in front of a little private temple with a bunch of Thai blokes! (Got some wicked pictures) Anyway, we figured they may get annoyed as we were obviously incredibly skilled and put them all to shame (Err, perhaps not!) so we said our byes and left. So here's the sh*t bit, in leaving this little alley and getting in a tuk tuk some little sh*t managed to PICKPOCKET ME out of my CAMERA! SO bangkok, 2nd day, no camera. =(((((( Majorly pissed off and feeling sick at this point. Various shades of colourful language later, went for retail therapy in a Designer tailor shop with a massive discount period sponsored by the Thai government and bought lots! ;o) Pauls Happy again!

So, ended up in a Tourist Info Office and have booked up my next weeks activities starting tomorow with Camera shopping! =)) (Hurrah for barclaycard!)

So, me being me and able to shed the feeling of utter disbelief and rage at the drop of a bag of pick 'n' mix that i didn't manage to eat on the plane (Thanks guys!) I'm now feeling alright, although there is still a murmer in there somewhere of the thought of losing some fairly valuable pics already but hey, I still have my aerobie and my hairs still intact! HA HA! ;o)))

Anyway, gotta go now, gonna get some sleep ready for temple visiting tomorrow.

Speak soon,


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