The old pharmacy building, terrific architecture

The Rose fountain and monument given to the town by I. E....

Many town have old train depots they've turned into museums and visitors...

The Wills Cabin having been resotred, circa 1848

Dave at the front door. (Notice the new beard) nice and trimmed

plaque telling about the old cabin

Nice restoration job on the cabin, I"d say

Jan 11th (Thurs) we toured the little town of Wills Point, TX it's not far from the resort. This little place has a lot of 1900 century charm left in it. The pharmacy has been running steady in the same building and owned by the same family since 1896! In the center of town is the "Rose Monument", given to the town by I.E. Rose in 1916 to show his appreciation for his hometown. The Train Depot Museum is quaint and interesting. The curator told us of the Audie Murphy museum in Greenville, we'll go there next. Lastly is the Wills Cabin, Built in 1848 by William Wills when he and his wife settled in the area. It is after him that the town is named.

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