Yucatan 2007 travel blog

We made it to Mission. We drove like fools that last two days. I wanted to be sure we would be in a place to watch the Charger game. The parts of Texas we were comming through didn't have many good campgrounds. So we decided to just drive 1100 miles and get to Mission. TV reception at our RV park is no good so we will be going to s sports bar to watch the game. The drive actually did my back some good. I still have to take pain pills. I have been taking them at night and basically none during the day. I wanted to be sure I had all my wits while pulling the trailer. It is a little more complicated than driving a car.

We beat the cold front. It is in the 70's here but the humidity is high also. Tomorrow the cold front is supost to hit here.

The trailer has been just perfect. We haven't had even one small issue this time. We haven't taken any picture yet at the weather has been so dismal. Tomorrow we will look around Mission and take some photos even if it is cloudy. It may be warm here, but the sky is totally covered with clouds.

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