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David, the young guy that has been helping us out told us about a festival/fair that was happening in the little town of Dzemul about 20 minutes from Puerto Telchac. He was dancing in the festival and invited us to come watch. We went on the friday night and it was a memorable evening although it was cool, windy and abit rainy that didn't seem to put a damper on the spirits of these people nor us.

We were not exactly sure what it was all about but if you put 2 white dots in the middle of a black piece of paper, well, that would be us. It was a grand event and i think it only happens once a year? It lasts all weekend long with the friday night being the night that they crown a young lady as queen of the festival. Apparantly she is the best dancer but also it is based on her personality and contributions to the community. Then on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday the carnival continued and also the Rodeo and bullfights.

There were lots of people, families with all the kids from very young to very old. Several small carnival rides were set up, foosball tables, penny games and food vendors. Roger and i tried out the foosball and some interesting and tasty food too.

The main event started around 11:00 pm in where dancers old and young started to assemble. The females had beautifully colored dresses with bows and ribbons in the hair. They looked so perfect. All the men wore white pants and shirts and hats, each had a colorful sash tucked into the waistband of the pants that hung down to the thigh. The women and girls wore a sash like in a beauty pagent that indicated what town they were from. They were introduced town by town and all the dancers entered the square with their dance partners from their respective towns. The band played and people cheered as they took turns entering. One girl from each town had a crown on so i gathered that each town crowned it's own queen but now this festival was to crown the Queen of the Yucatan area.

The young lady that was choosen was the one from this town (Dzemul) She was stunning, gracefl and very well spoken, although we sat through about 1 hour of speeches and had absolutly no idea what was said, others around seemed mezmorized by this young lady and it was a catchy feeling!! We watched in anticipation of what would happen next and then all of a sudden the band played, people cheered and fireworks began to go off everywhere.

It was exciting to watch the kids and everyone. Then all the couples began to dance traditional Yucatan dancing. Each dance had specific steps which was done with ease and perfection by all the dancers, some as old 80 and as young as 5.

These people really appeared to have values, they were proud and you could see it in their faces, mannerizim and dress. The families seem to be all bonded together by laughing, talking, smiling, holding hands and playing children all around. I thought to myself how amazing such simple things shared among a coumminty could make them so happy.

I have never seen my own kids that happy and thats a shame.

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