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Yesterday we had lots of company. It seems that we were the 8th Mobile Suites 5th wheel to arrive and we have the only 2007 model. Once we were "discovered" we had lots of visitors. Wonderful people who just show up on your doorstep and ask to see your RV. So we have new friends and great resources for information. Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I was able to dress in shorts and sandals. Marilyn and I walked around the park locating different places. We then got in the truck to drive to places beyond walking distance. We saw the golf course which looks ok, and drove to the next town west of us to a grocery store. Then back to the RV. Late in the afternoon I lit the charcoal grill and grilled some pork steak with bar-b-que sauce while Marilyn sauteed squash, onions, zuchini and mushrooms with garlic and butter. It was a fine meal. :) I dried the dishes while Marilyn washed them, and then we settled in to watch the National Championship football game on TV. It wasn't much of a game but Florida put a good old-fashioned "whuppin" on Ohio State. This morning we walked to the Rec Hall for the Line Dancing Class. It didn't take longer than the first few minutes for me to discover that I was out of my league. Marilyn danced for the entire hour while I became a spectator.

We then walked around the campground area to see where our new Mobile Suites friends live. There is a group of 5 pretty close together and then there are 3 of us pretty near one another in the section we live in. We were asked to attend a Mobile Suites Rally in Branson, MO on May 19th. Have to wait and see about that. One of the wonderful advantages about this life style is having the freedom to do things on the spur of the moment. Also, we can change our mind and change direction as the circumstances of our life change. We know that this lifestyle isn't for everyone and we have met people who do this part time and keep their home to go back to. That is fine. For us, we enjoy the relative lack of responsibility of maintaining a home other than our RV, and the freedom that comes with it. We have not regretted for even one instant, making the decision to Full-Time it.

Well, Marilyn is off to a Bible study class while I will go down the street to see if I can help one of our new friends get his surround sound system working. This evening I am cooking again. Fixing Ed's pasta, which has become a favorite for us. I have a bottle of wine chilling and all the ingredients are on hand so we don't need to go anywhere to get anything. Life is good! :)

Maybe I'll have more to write about tomorrow. In the meantime, come on down....

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