Bomb Craters on Excursion out of Phonsavan

One of the Big Bomb Shell Craters!

Cluster Bombshell Fence & Bon

Cluster Bombshell Fence - a Long One

KongKio, Guide & Guesthouse Owner w/ Suspicious Bouquet-Hmong Village

Tim Out on a Limb - Going to Plain of Jars

Plain of Jars Peek a Boo

Group w/ Largest Jar

Jar Jake a Boo

Only Lidded Jar

Just arrived here the rain hoping tomor will clear and we can see Plain of Jars! Did get to see three sites of the Plain of Jars...I think it is no mystery, jars are part of burial/cemetary from 2,500 years ago that had contents removed by robbers. Lids are all removed or jars broken, researchers have found bone fragments and some pottery/swords etc. near some jars. All locations are fairly high in the hills overlooking countryside. It was also interesting to see the hundreds of bomb craters and hear about the continuing problem of unexploded ordinance which causes injury and death to locals every month. The cluster bombs which were dropped had upwards of 1,000 bomblets and they figure as many as 30% remained unexploded after the war. Now the steel is being salvaged by poor rural village people who get 1,000 KIP or 10cents per bomblet which amounts to quite a lot considering that the average income in the rural areas is less than $300 per year per family...a child bringing in 10 cents per day can contribute over 10% to the family's total income!(if he/she does not die or get permanently maimed in the process).

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