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Turquoise Bay

The view from the lighthouse - horrid, eh!

Sun 21/11 Very Hot!

Hmmm! Very hazy first thing, but some cleared up... We left at 10am, Me, Carl, Nadine, Fredrica and Helene (Italian - everything is beooootiful!) - our new driver is a guy called Carl, who's really nice, but a lto quieter and more chilled out than Steve. There are two 'newcomers' to the gang - a guy called Malcolm from Melbourne (the name paints a picture) - reminds me of Brian Dowthwaite - even down to the eating habits!! And Ralph from Switzerland.....

It was sad saying goodbye to the others - we've all spent nearly a week together now.. hoping to meet up with Chris & Susie back in Perth if they get back before I leave...

We headed up to Exmouth (only 90mins away) - poulation 2500 - huge after Coral Bay!! Seems OK - very spread out, and nothing much to do in town - it's all very much based on diving. We then headed about 60km round the peninsula to Turquoise Bay to chill on the beach and snorkel - it's stunning. The first thing I swa was a couple of reef sharks, which were much more shocked to soo me than I was to seen them, they fled under a rock, and pretended to be asleep!

We spent about three hours on the beach, and then headed up to the lighthouse to admire the view and drink some wine - very civilized (except for the styrofoam cups!)

Have to say it never ceases to amaze me how tiring it is doing nothing!!

Got back to Exmouth at about 6.45pm, quick shower - it was nice to have fresh water after 3 days of saltwater showers/taps in Coral Bay! Off to the pub for a beer and tea... It was a lovely day, but there certainly isn't the same 'crack' that there has been!

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