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Steve playing the didge while driving!!!!! Hmmm!!

Chris, Steve and Helen as we officially enter the Tropics!

Susie, Chris, Helen, Pips, & Nadine in the pub! No surprise there...

More of the gang from the bus.... too many to name on...

A dork - a pint for the 1st person (NOT those on...

Jess and Steve

Three wise (??) monkeys!

OK - ready to go to the beach??

Lets party!!

One empty platter at the bakery!!!!

The Beach.....

Thurs 18/11 cont.....

Left Monkey Mia at 10am, arrived in Coral Bay 6pm, it was a long day, but we had a laugh playing cards & window hangman and the like - it's a really good gang of people, and we're nearly all jumping off at Coral Bay, so that should be fun! It's a shame Steve has to drive up to Broome, it would have been cool to do the whole trip with him (even if he does think I'm 45!!!!)

Coral Bay (population 120!) is the main resort from which you can snorkel/dive the western equivalent of the Great Barrier Reef, swim with manta rays, and do dudey things like that... it's very uncommercialised, all there is is a backpackers, a caravan park, and a couple of cafe's shops and a pub. The snorkelling is meant to be superb - and nice and quiet - hoorah!! The Bay is stunning, turquoise water, and beautiful white sand.

We went down to the beach to watch sunset, beer in hand (it's still really windy here - pleeeeze let that drop!), and from then on carried on partying till the pub shut at midnight, and we had a bit of a beach party (with a load of people we didin't know) till about 2am. Managed to miss food, everything stops by 9pm, which is when we started thinking about it!

The bakery had fired up by the time we got back, so Chris, Susie, Joel & I went and begged some pies n pizza (said we were Steve's plas), and bless him the guy did us a big platter for nothing!!! Saved us from hangovers in the morning one thinks!!

Fri 19/11 Warm

Up at 8am, and ready to play with the fish!! It's still quite breezy, but not too bad.

Aaah - lovely day, snorkel, sunbathe, snorkel, sunbathe... The reef is cool, and so close to the shore - about 20m away from the beach! Saw lots of fish, both large and small, loads of sea cucumbers, and a couple of rays. Cool as!!

Came back up to the Hostel at 2pm, because the wind really picked up, and it ain't my idea of fun getting sand blasted! We all chilled out next to the pool this afternoon, and now I'm off to the pub for happy hour... Have to say big thumbs up to WA, even if the beer is expensive!! This time next week is my last night in Oz :(

Oooer!!! Rikki is singing La Vida Loca full blast in the bar.... VERY HOMESICK MOMENT!!!! Do you realise I've been away 200 days today!!

WEnt for food (12 large juicy prawns mmmmm!) and in bed by 9pm - all these late nights are no good for us oldies!!!!!

Sat 20/11 Hot

Up at 7am, and the wind of yesterday has totally dropped, hoorah! It's a gorgeous day but VERY hot! I was down on the beach & snorkelling by 8.30am, saw another ray, and there were a lot more big fish around than yesterday, and a shoal of probably a couple of 1000 little silver fish (about 3-4") swimming towards me - it made me go really dizzy as they all swam past me!

Came back up to the Hostel early afternoon, before I scorched! Did some washing, chilled out by the pool, & had a wee siesta.

Had a really pleasant (and sober!!) last night - it ended up being Chris & Susie, Helen, Joel, Carl, and a couple called Mark & Cath (I think!) - vets - Mark is originally from Northallerton... We did an all you can eat pasta deal at the Hostel, and had a few beers, but we were all so stuffe dwith food that we didn't drink much! Carl & I are on the bus tomorrow, the rest of the gang have got a few more days here - I'm jealous..... wanna stay longer!!!

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