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Nature's Window

Z Bend Gorge

Wonderful summer weather in Oz!

Carl abseiling down the gorge - NO I didn't do this!!!

The stromatolite thingys! Exciting eh!

The long and winding (where???) road..........

Shell Beach on a cold & windy afternoon!

The crowd awaiting the arrival of the dolphins....

Us lot waiting for the dolphins... Joel, Carl, Moi, Helen, Susie n...

And then there were two.. even these guys got bored & cold...

Hoorah.... here they come!!!!

Getting giddy now, it really is them!

Mum & babe....

Eying up the talent....

Cool as!

Sorry to keep dolphining on, but they're sooooo cool!

They're so nosey!

Chris's moment of bliss!


Wed 17/11 Warm/rainy/windy!

Woken up bright and early by a text message, but that's fine, coz we left at 6.45am. At the moment driving down a big golden sandy track - bit like Frazer Island! \

The first stop was Nature's Window, a rock formation at the top of a big gorge - lovely views, but it started raining! Hmmm! It stayed windy, but the rain stopped, we did a trek don to the bottom of Kalbarri gorge, which was bloody hard going with trainers, little legs & my Peru bag! Cheers for the warning of what was coming Steve! Lots of rock climbing & stuff - scabby knees now!!! I am absolutely knackered! It made it worse that Steve kept checking I was OK - how old does he think I am!!!!

After lunch went to the Stromatolites (or something like that...) - it's living rock??! I have to say it was very unimpressive - unless you're a geologist of course!

We then went to Shell Beach, which was pretty, but far to windy to appreciate properly!

Passed the time on the bus playing card games... I won't go into the names - far too rude!!

Got to windy Denham (populaiton 1000) at 6pm, and the party commenced! What a laugh the night was, we hooked up with some friends of Adams that were staying there already, did a bit of drinking at the Hostel, and the Susie, Chris & I went down the pub to have a wonderful tea of chips and gravy... classy eh!! The pub was good fun, lots of 'colourful local characters'... we went back to the Hostel, only to find everyone else was just going to the pub, so we battled our way back again through the wind.... I could quite easily stay here for a few days, but NO TIME!!! The landlord of the pub appears to be smittne with me - he was really disappointed when I said I was only tere for one night - he looks like Sean Connery - shame he doesn't have the bank balance!!! A load of people went on to a guy called Roscoe's when the pub shut - major party session - I was one of the sensible ones who didn't partake though!!!!

Thurs 18/11 Warm & Windy

Up at 6am - a tad rough today, and my legs are KILLING me!!! Turns out Steve thought I was about 45 - cheeky bugger!!! So, I'm not going to let on to him that our 'little climbing session' had any adverse effects!!! It's goodbye to Adam today, he's staying on for a few days with his 33 year old italian bird - that's disgusting he's only 18!!!!! Ha ha!

We were down waiting for the Dolphins at Monkey Mia by 7.15am. This place is world famous for the dolphins coming to the beach to feed. We waited for an hour, and were starting to get a bit despondant, when Joel & I spotted them on the horizon, which was cool, because out of 100-150 people we were the only ones to have seen them at this stage!! I had my binoculars with me - ha! I knew they were a good buy!

Seven dolphins ended up coming to shore, it was sooooo cool, they come right up to the waters edge to watch the people, and then the chosen few get to feed them. Jess, an Oz girl who joined our bus this morning was one of the people organising the feeding, and she picked Chris out - needless to say, he was on a real high about it all day!!! It was such a good experience - pity there were so many people there, but hey ho!! We had a well deserved brekkie prior to leaving - it tasted soooo good!!!!

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