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Scooting across the beautiful Sea of Abaco to one of many destinations

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Exploring the calm waters of Sea of Abaco by dingy

Some snorkelling

A little less appealing on this side of the island

Gorgeous, calm evening

Crystal clear water

Milt and Fran on Sea Fox, who we first saw in the...

Taking advantage of an almost dead calm day we set out from Green Turtle Cay for Marsh Harbour, 28 miles away. Cruising the Abacos is great because there are countless destinations all within a few hours' cruising time from each other. We were surprised by how much less crowded the anchorage was compared to when we were here last year in March.

Marsh Harbour is the popular place to seek refuge from any windy weather, especially the nasty northers that blow through in the winter. It offers modern and convenient shopping, laundry, banks, pharmacies etc. Some prices aren't too high, especially on unprocessed food like meat, eggs etc. Some shocked us even though we got used to them last year. For example a large can of Maxwell House coffee that we bought for $?? in Florida, even less expensive in Canada at $?? Sells for $13.25 here which is why the Captain bought 7 cans before we left Florida.

We hadn't done our laundry since we left Mom and Dad Wood's place on Dec 11th, over 3 weeks ago. To make matters worse we had a little leakage in the area where we store our dirty laundry on the rough passage that rearranged our boat so our little shore cart and my arms got a workout dragging damp, dirty laundry from the dingy dock to the laundrymat. The Captain wandered off and bought 2 loaves of fresh homemade Coconut bread, a few groceries, and some squid for bait and we met back at the dingy a couple of hours later.

With our shore chores done we were off to explore a couple of anchorages out on the Sea of Abaco and try some fishing and snorkelling. We enjoyed a secluded spot tucked out of the wind at Water Cay and found a good snorkelling spot. Moving a short 6 1/2 miles across the sea we spent a night anchored along the long beach of Guana Cay in Baker's Bay north. We followed a trail on shore aross the island the the rough Atlantic side. The water and shore looked so inhospitable compared the the lovely Sea of Abaco on the other side. The cliffs were covered in sharp peaks of limestone and the waves crashed visciously on shore. The scene was complete when the Captain pointed out a big shark about 10 ft out in the crashing waves, his white form only visable for an instant as the waves crashed over and hid him completely. YIKES I thought, let's get back to the other side!

We're back in Marsh Harbour for the 2nd time after our few days of exploring. Already the anchorage is much fuller than just a few days ago. We just noticed Milt and Fran aboard Sea Fox pull into the anchorage. We first saw them up in the North Channel last August and kept bumping into them all the way down the River system. We bought their used satellite follow me tv system while we were in Alton, IL. So here they are, pulling into Marsh Harbour at the same time as us. It's a small world.

We couldn't find any free wifi last time we were here in Marsh Harbour and I was almost ready to give in and pay for it but miracle of miracles, today or at least right NOW we have free wifi in the anchorage so I am very happy. The Captain has gone to shore on a bakery run for homemade Coconut bread and probably some sweets knowing him.

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