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One of the most enjoyable things about being retired is the total lack of schedules. We had planned to drive to Bracketville, TX today, but it rained most of the night and is cool this morning with alternating clouds and sunshine. The temp is forcast to reach 65 but tomorrow is supposed to be clear, sunny and 75 degrees. So we made one of those executive decisions and put the road trip off until tomorrow. We will be taking pictures so will post them when we get a chance. That Alamo Village does have a website which looks interesting. You can check them out at www.alamovillage.com

We had an e-mail message from Dick Frontz, an instructor friend from Wichita. He will be moving to this area soon. We look forward to seeing him, probably in April, when we return to San Antonio. I also spoke to my long time friend, Dave Norton, this morning. It is always a treat to visit with Dave. He filled me in on several people who are in Wichita for training. Regina is here from Vienna, Austria, for recurrent training in the Sovereign. She is truely a wonderful young lady and an excellent pilot. Ted Irons, who worked for me for 14 years is also in town for recurrent in the Bravo. I asked Dave to say hello for me.

I should mention a few RV related items. I have been working on the cable TV system for a day or so. Now we have about 100 channels of TV on the bedroom TV, but only get 25 channels in the living room. It is complicated the way the manufacturer has things hooked up. Anyway, I finally admitted defeat and called the Mobile Suites factory. They went out to a unit ready for delivery to see if they could duplicate the problem and give me a solution. They will call back today, I hope. I also have to replace a light bulb in the microwave/convection oven. That's the extent of my "chores" for the day. Life sure is tough. :)

I think maybe I will grill something outdoors this afternoon. May have to make a trip to the store if I decide to do that. Marilyn has breakfast ready so I better get off of here. Tomorrow, we plan to leave pretty early so I may not get an entry posted until after we get back, or maybe even the next morning. Have to see how things go.....

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