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Marilyn in RV park


New Years Eve at Brian & Debs



Luckenbach, Texas

Yesterday we drove to Rick & Sherry's home for a road trip to Texas Hill Country. Our plan was to drive to Fredericksburg for the day. Marilyn and I had a few things to get done first. We have been trying to downsize a little more by getting rid of some clothing. Two more bags for "Good Will". That makes 25 total if my math is correct. Also, I was nearly broke since I haven't cashed a check or visited an ATM since leaving Hannibal on Dec 12th. I found that my ATM card worked quite well and now things are brighter. Getting access to your cash while traveling full-time is one of the problems easily solved with just a bit of planning.

We arrived in Fredericksburg around 10 AM. Rick and I went to visit the Admiral Nimitz museum of the War in the Pacific. Really a nice museum. Unfortunately, part of it was closed for construction and renovation. Also, Marilyn had the camera with her. She was shopping with Sherry and we had agreed to meet at 12:30 for lunch. Marilyn and Sherry found a shop with all kinds of dips, sauces, preserves, etc, and unlimited free samples. That meant that the girls were grazing for about an hour before lunch. :) Funny, when we met for lunch, they weren't hungry and shared a ruben sandwich. Hey, that saved us some money. :) It was a German community and we ate in a BierGarten so Rick & I each had the sausage sampler plate with German potato salad, sauerkraut, and red cabbage. Of course, we had a cold beer to wash it down.

After lunch we headed back toward San Antonio but with a couple of small detours to visit Luckenbach, made famous by Waylon & Willie, and Boerne, Texas, where we had originally planned to stay at an RV park. We also toured a winery and tasted a few samples. This morning is cloudy and cool so I am going to take the time to add some pictures taken in this RV park, New Years at Brian & Debs, and our road trip to the Hill Country. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Tomorrow we have planned another adventure. Let's see what is down the road........

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